Mike’s Biography


A brief biographical timeline highlighting Mike’s total commitment to campaigning for our European cause.

1976. Born in London.
1976 -1995. Grew up and went to school abroad (4 years) and in south-west London
1995-1998. Studied natural sciences at Cambridge. First class degree & prizes.
1998-2002. Studied behavioural genetics at King’s College London for his PhD.
2003-2014.  Carried out research projects on animal intelligence, medical informatics, and science & health policy (Respectively at university of Zurich, University of Ljubljana, National Institute of Public Health in Slovenia where he worked on major EU-wide health initiatives, and then jointly at Royal College of Anaesthetists & University College London).
2014/2015. Wrote the 2015 general election policy document for Scientists for Labour.
2015. Founded Scientists for EU 
2015. Wrote and coordinated very influential letter (in The Times) against the Leave threat to UK scientific research, signed by top UK scientists.
2015 till now. Built up personal social media operation (he now has 330,000 followers across platforms).
2015 till now. Worked in conjunction/ close collaboration with European Movement and other pro-Europe organisations
2015 till now. Has helped raise funds for pro-Europe organisations, campaigns and initiatives (including raising £250,000 for local pro-Europe groups throughout Britain)
Early 2016. Led Scientists for EU’s campaign in the referendum. Ran its substantial social media and conventional media campaign. Worked closely with many MPs and others to warn of the dire consequences of a Leave victory. Set up a Scientists for EU Advisory Board consisting of some of Britain’s top scientists.
Early 2016. Set up a spin-off from Scientists for EU – the Healthier in the EU campaign – to highlight how a Leave vote would damage people’s health. It ran a series of major social media and conventional media campaigns.
2016-2019. Addressed pro-Europe rallies in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Brighton and elsewhere.
2017 -2019. On behalf of  Scientists for EU, worked closely with the All Party Parliamentary Group on EU relations.

2018. Scientists for EU and Healthier In became two of the nine co-founding groups of Peoples Vote (to campaign for a vote on any Brexit deal)

2018. Carried out an important analysis, reported in the BBC, assessing in detail the harm no-deal Brexit posed to UK science.
2019. Wearing his Scientists for EU hat, he set up a Social Media Intelligence Unit to map and track (and help boost) local pro-Europe groups throughout the UK.
2019-2021. Co-founded and co-ran March for Change which operated as a broad campaign-supporting platform, including marches, demonstrations against the government’s attempt to prorogue parliament, supporting the Save British Farming campaign, campaigning for a Covid Inquiry, establishing the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus, and establishing the Bylines Network of local citizen journalism publications.
Summer 2021. Spun out the Bylines Network from March for Change and grew its reach (now 10 titles)
Jan 2022. Joined European Movement as a part-time strategy and campaign consultant 
2022/23. Commissioned a series of public opinion polls on Brexit-related topics (to help inform rejoin strategy development).
Autumn 2022. Was the official liaison between European Movement and the National Rejoin March  – and then addressed the big NRM rally outside Parliament.
2023. Helping to promote the petition for a public inquiry into the impact of Brexit and its associated national campaign