Endorsements and testimonials

"I’ve known Mike for many years. He is widely respected and liked across the science community and a formidable campaigner. I would love to see him as Chair of European Movement, bringing his energy and capabilities to that leadership position"
Stella Creasy
Labour MP
Chair of Labour Movement for Europe (LME)​
Steve Bray, Stand of Defiance European Movement (SODEM)
“Mae Brexit wedi cael effaith trawiadol ar Gymru. Mae'n hanfodol bod y Mudiad Ewropeaidd yn ymgyrchu'n rhagweithiol iawn ar draws y gwledydd oddi mewn i’r DU i ni ailymuno’n wleidyddol â'r UE cyn gynted â phosibl. Fel ymgyrchydd gwleidyddol ers blynyddoedd maith, rwy’n credu bod gan Mike y sgiliau, y rhinweddau, y strategaeth a’r egni i‘n harwain ni at y nod hwnnw.”

“Wales has been hard hit by Brexit. It's crucial that European Movement campaigns very proactively across the Home Nations for us to rejoin the EU as soon as politically possible. As a political campaigner of many years standing, I believe that Mike has the skills, qualities, strategy and energy to take us forward towards that goal.”
Rhiannon Barrar
Welsh Community Activist, Gweithredwraig Gymunedol Cymreig
Former Plaid Cymru Senedd candidate, Cyn ymgeisydd Senedd Plaid Cymru
"Having voted for Brexit, I am now 100% for abandoning the disastrous project and rejoining the EU. Articulate and constant voices of reason such as those of Mike, highlighting the damage and the lies, have been invaluable to myself and others who are changing direction on Brexit. This is the kind of leadership we need and I would love to see him as Chair of European Movement."
Baroness Jenny Jones
Member of the House of Lords
"I wish to publicly endorse Mike in his bid to become Chair of the European Movement. I'm an ordinary lorry driver delivering bricks to building sites around the country and Mike is a campaigner of many years standing with a big public profile. But I have been able to easily work with him on a completely equal level. That's simply because of his people skills. He appeals to everyone that I have worked with on pro-rejoin campaigning, from all walks of life. It is for these reasons; the great person he is and the direction I believe Mike could take EM and indeed our country that I endorse him for Chair."
Peter Corr
HGV Driver
Director / Founder, UK Rejoin The EU
Director / Founder, National Rejoin March
"I’m lucky to have got to know Mike and to work with him over the past number of years. He has been an informed voice, passionate advocate and creative organiser that will play a leading a role in reversing the disaster that is Brexit. Friends, the light is still on."
Neale Richmond
Minister of State, Irish Government
"Mike is a brilliant and clear advocate for the values at the heart of the European Movement, as well as a top level strategist and organiser. Please choose him for chair."
Sian Berry
Former co-leader of the Green Party
"I would love to see Mike as chair of the European Movement. His positive impact on social media & in the pro-EU community has been nothing short of magnificent. Relentless, forensic, articulate, always on point & with a love of Europe as bright as sunshine I can’t think of any other better suited to the role. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy"
Peter Stefanovic
Lawyer, campaigner & filmmaker
"Mike is a brilliantly articulate, passionate advocate for the European cause - clear-thinking, strategic, focussed and inspiringly energetic. He would be a superb, youthful Chair for the European Movement in what will be a pivotal moment in its history."
Howard Goodall
Award-winning Composer, including theme tunes
for Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Mr Bean & QI
"I’ve known Mike for many years. He is widely respected and liked across the science community and a formidable campaigner. I would love to see him as Chair of European Movement, bringing his energy and capabilities to that leadership position"
Prof Martin McKee CBE
President of British Medical Association
and Professor of European Public Health
"A true European, Mike’s highly visible support for the UK in Europe and his anti-Brexit approach has been an important focus of his career. His influence has spread beyond the science and research community into the street where it belongs. Not only a great communicator and a valuable contributor to the scientific debate, Mike is someone who knows his European onions!* (“Knowing your onions” is an NI saying to describe someone as an expert)"
Jane Morrice
Honorary Chair European Movement NI
"As an ex-EM Chair myself, a message of my support for Mike Galsworthy as EM chair:- Mike's high-profile efforts for Scientists for EU show him as a dedicated and enthusiastic campaigner - a huge asset in galvanising European Movement membership and reaching out to new adherents."
Ian Colin Taylor
Conservative MP 1987-2010 & Minister for Science
Former chair of Conservative Group for Europe
Chair of EM 2000-2005​
"I'd really love to see Mike Galsworthy as Chair of European Movement. He's a uniting figure in the grassroots with time for and interest in everyone. I think that unifying ability he has is what sets him apart. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone - brings it all together."
Ciaran Donovan
Courier business owner
Brexit commentator
@VanManEuro on Twitter
"Mike has been a real champion and true voice of reason in the Brexit debate. He understands the grassroots membership. He knows how to campaign. At this critical stage in British politics, we need an effective chair who will get results. That candidate is Mike."
Alec Sandiford
Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Stone
"Vote for Mike Galsworthy for Chair of the European Movement. If you do, the Kremlin won't like it. "
John Sweeney
Investigative journalist
Worked for the Observer and BBC Panorama and Newsnight
"Pro-Europeans need a leader with fire in his belly and Mike is the life and soul of our cause. I can think of no better person to mobilise our grassroots with clear message and persuasive charisma. We need a personality who will continue day and night not only to destroy Brexit rationale, but also to open a positive, practical way out of this mess. Mike would be the best Chair possible for the European Movement. Please vote for him"
Peter Wilding
Founder & Chair of British Influence
Media and Policy Director of the Conservative Party in the EU (2005-2008)
and the main who coined the word "Brexit"
"Mike is held in high regard in the scientific community and beyond, because of the well-argued, positive case for EU membership he has been making with passion and enthusiasm ever since the launch of Scientists for EU in 2015. He has been absolutely consistent with his pro-European message, inspiring and energising large numbers of campaigners and the general public. He is the right person to lead the campaign to rejoin the EU as Chair of European Movement UK."
Arttu Rajantie
Professor of Theoretical Physics
"I can think of no one better to chair the European Movement than Mike Galsworthy. Not only does he have the passion, enthusiasm and communication skills to speak to the need for a closer, better, relationship between Britain and the EU. And it’s not only the range of his understanding, from science to culture to politics, that matters. More profound still is his ability to enthuse and inspire people he works with. Our time on Byline Networks with him proves that. Mike has the ability to transfer his knowledge and excitement to others which is rare among people of such talent. Generosity and community spirit informs everything he does"
Peter Jukes
Editor-in-Chief of Byline Times